Interesting School Events!

It’s been a while, how have you been? It’s been work, work and a little more work.  I told myself ‘I am going to squeeze out time to make this post during the day’ and Yeeah…! I did it. It is a late post but it is better late than never right?

The past few weeks have been eventful in the school where I work, I get home exhausted most times but the fun of it is that I learnt something.

The first event was Valentine’s Day which was last week and we had our first annual inter house sport competition.

Let me give you a little gist on how the events went.

Valentine’s Day celebration was a success. I was appointed a member of the Valentine’s day committee for our school valentine’s day event; not just a member but the head of the committee (In my head I was screaming WHAT? Because I haven’t planned or led any committee before) Somehow, I manage to run away from leadership positions but couldn’t escape this.

The committee is saddled with the responsibility of planning the programme of what the day should be like.  I quickly dived into the world of Pinterest searching for ideas to make the day fun.

I got ideas as regards decorations and pupils activity for the Valentine’s Day celebration.  I swung into action called on my team members we began planning; you know what they say…  (Two heads are better than one; I got two extra heads to join me)

Let me share how we celebrated Valentine’s Day in school.

We started by narrating the story of valentine and why it is celebrated; emphasizing sharing, caring and respect are ways we can show love to others.val party

Pupils gave presentations rhymes, poems and songs that passed the message ‘Love is important for the holistic development of a child’.

Parents wrote love letters to their children and they submitted in the Valentine’s Day mail box; the letters were read to the children.

The pupils were engaged in dance competitions, we took pictures to wrap up the event, cake and party packs were distributed to each pupil.

Saturday 24th February, 2018 was our first annual inter house sport competition, I would say it went well considering it’s the first inter house sport held since the school was established.

The event was packed with series of fun activities for the pupils.

Pupils assembled according to their houses, the event began with singing the national anthem, pledge and the school anthem.  Immediately the march pass began sequentially before pupils took their seats. interhouse

Pre -schoolers did their race (they raced to get a goody bag) and they did picking the ball race.  I am sure their parents had a good laugh.

Other activities included;

  • Three legged race ( two pupils work as a team with one of their legs tied together)
  • 50 meter dash
  • 25 meter dash
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Filling the bottle race ( pupils filled the bottle to the brim with water)
  • Ring the elephant ( pupils would race to insert four rings on the elephants trunk)
  • Blindfold picking the balls ( pupils were blindfolded and they would try to pick as many balls as possible, this activity was timed for 2 minutes)
  • Catching the train  ( pupils would dress up quickly in their uniforms and race to the finishing line)
  • Shuttle race ( this is a relay race with six pupils, the first person begins the race and passes the baton to the next person on the other end, till the last person ends the race to the finishing line)
  • Thug of war
  • Cheerleading team and gymnast made their presentations

The event came to a close with the presentations of medals and trophies, as  I watched through and helped  with the organisation ( I served as an usher ) , I had a feel of nostalgia for my primary school days.

I learnt during this past weeks that;

  • The fun doesn’t end; you create the fun and enjoy it.
  • Love should be visible in our daily relationship with others; you and I don’t have to wait till 14th February to celebrate the ones we love, it might be too late.
  • You can’t tell how much support you would receive until you go all out telling people about “the picture” you have in mind.
  • When soliciting support for your vision/ ideas do not look down on people.
  • Be open to ideas and be flexible.
  • You will never know your ability until you get a push, till you try.

I hope I passed the message well and you picked up a lesson too. I would love to hear from you.

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P.S I am trying to learn something new “fashion illustration” anyone with ideas or sites where I can learn will be highly appreciated, Thanks.













Are they really slow? part 2

Hi there, how was your day? My previous post was about learners who are tagged slow, I felt I had to continue on the topic. Please note that we have different categories of learners their learning profiles and other factors inform their rate of assimilation.

So here we go…

Characteristics of ‘slow learners’

  • They are easily distracted
  • They may have social problems
  • They might display anger, frustration and anxiety easily
  • They find it difficult to learn new concepts.
  • The may take time to process information.
  • They may have low self-esteem


What do I do as a parent or teacher of a ‘slow learner’?

  1. Understand the child’s personality and how it affects his/ her learning style, this informs the method of teaching/ instruction, the kind of learning aid to provide the child and follow-up style. Use differentiated instruction, break down instructions into little bits and stress the most important points.
  2. As a teacher or parent make learning activities fun and practical, hands on activities should be utilized (Google is your friend in case you run out of ideas). Avoid using too much competitive method while teaching, if you must use competition encourage the child whether he/she wins or not.
  3. Do not be tempted to EVER compare the child with siblings, classmates or friends; we all have our weaknesses and strengths the principle of multiple intelligence explains that everyone is intelligent in various areas. See the child for who he or she is and help them improve on strengths.
  4. Avoid tagging, name calling and saying negative or abusive words to the child as this will further damage the child’s self-esteem, adding more pressure on the child. Encourage them with positive speech. Tell them you believe in them.
  5. Spend more time with the child as a parent at home or teacher in school while teaching; this might need a little effort on your part. Repeat the concepts to be learnt over and over to encourage grasping the concept and recall.
  6. As a parent cultivate the habit of reading to your children, with your children and helping them study. Provide a quiet study area in the home. Encourage them to find out things for themselves, don’t be over protective; allow them to explore in a safe way.
  7. Be patient, the child will not improve over night. The key is consistency, love, persistence with patience, patience and more patience.

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Are they slow?

Hi people! How was your day? I had a good day at school today.

We had a session of interaction with other teachers in the school where I work and one of the topics of discussion was ‘slow learners’.  This topic has got me thinking are these pupils really slow?  How can we help them as teachers? , How did a child become a slow learner? Can a slow learner become a fast learner?  All these questions needed answers so I did some searching.

To be honest as teachers we have pupils or students we have termed ‘slow learners’.  It can be frustrating for a teacher as it seems these set of pupils are slowing the pace to covering our syllabus.

slow learners

Who are slow learners?

A slow learner is just a term used in describing pupils that have the ability to learn this means that they do not have a learning disability but the rate at which they learn is relatively lower than the average of his/her peers.

The slow learner needs extra time, more attention, more resources and above patience (these is the point where I stress that Patience is a good virtue in teaching struggling learners).  These learners are slow in pace but they can have a great memory.

What factors could cause slow learning?

Medical condition: a child might be slow in learning due to some medical issues like brain injury, cerebral palsy, dyslexia and poor or defective vision.

Heredity: research has shown that intelligence is hereditary also the environment in which the learner grows affects his intelligence and learning style.

Violence: domestic violence and tragedy can affects a child psychologically which in turn can affect learning pace.

Communication and relationships: parent –child relationship, teacher- pupil relationship, peer relationship. Let me explain, if the relationship between a parent –child is that of constant rejection or non-approval it can affect the child’s learning.

On the other hand if the child is overly pampered the child might be lazy towards learning as he/she is used to people doing almost everything for them, allow your child to gain independence and give them little responsibilities as they can handle. Let me add that the relationship between the both parents at home can also affect a child’s learning, communication and relationship is just simply put in a word ‘ACCEPTANCE’.

Let me stop here for now, I would continue later on this topic.

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